Capital Markets Real Estate Network is a network of professionals and firms dedicated to and specializing in the capital markets segment of commercial real estate. Capital Markets Real Estate Network (CMRE) is organized to support participating member firms towards achieving greater growth, increased revenue and sustained success through a cooperative framework. Its founding principal members have decades of leadership experience in developing and operating a commercial real estate network.

Based on extensive research, we are certain that by working together as a combined entity, participating members have the opportunity to benefit in multiple ways from the overall strength of CMRE, with the capability to far exceed what can be accomplished from relying only on individual participation and investment.

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BENEFITS participating members can expect from CMRE:


  • Secure additional institutional capital markets business
  • Compete with national firms for a larger share of capital market business
  • Derive greater overall brand presence in the capital market sector as affiliates of the powerful CMRE network alliance
  • Prosper from greater market share for all participating firms


  • Use time more effectively for deals instead of administrative business functions
  • Access greater market knowledge from resources shared by the entire CMRE membership
  • Enhance individual businesses through availability of CMRE’s shared research, economic reports, and materials
  • Gain increased market prominence and position as a Network member
  • Concentrate on deals — the Network executes on core business functions difficult to accomplish for smaller firms.

FEWER EXPENSES IN KEY AREAS (marketing, advertising, social media, trade show presence)

  • Gain greater exposure from CMRE’s marketing platform covering all areas of the country
  • Derive greater visibility from CMRE’s professionally designed and written website, press releases, and regular social media postings
  • Benefit from increased traffic with prominent location at important trade shows and conventions


  • Work together to implement agreed-upon best practices in hiring and training

How it works for CMRE members

For a modest fee structure, the Network will:

  • Purchase more and superior network advertising and marketing materials from experienced, proven vendors (member firm name/logo will ride with the network name/logo)
  • Purchase more prominent space and desirable positioning at trade shows, conventions, and events, giving member firms a presence they could not realize alone or beyond their home region
  • Purchase high-quality educational and training materials for agents and staff to encourage best practices
  • Purchase of research tools and economic reports and materials to arm member firms with the best and most current market data and trends
  • Implement recruiting systems that along with the recognition of the CMRE Network name will aid in attracting strong candidates who seek the best opportunities for their own advancement and thus bring a superior human resource advantage to the member firm
  • Pay for the administrative costs of developing, running, and maintaining the network for the
    members’ benefit.
  • Help members retain more profit, time and resources through their use of network resources, leaving them freer to invest more time and effort in their own firms rather than in the need to maintain an individual presence

What sectors can benefit from the CMRE Network?

  • Retail, including NNN assets and shopping centers
  • Multi-family, including apartment buildings and student housing
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Self-storage
  • Land and Mixed-use

What are the lines of business that the CMRE Network will support?

  • Investment Sales
  • Financing
  • Equity Placement
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Loan Sales
  • Loan Servicing

Create a better future for your business when you become a CMRE member.